Two days until we hang the Exhibition!

Goodness me, along with the days of 40 degrees plus, roll along the days closer to hanging the show!

I have 6 hours on Monday with the Galleries curator, Craig. This looks to be very exciting! We have spoken already and I look forward to meeting him in person and getting to work! All paintings are ready and set to leave over the weekend to their new home for 3 weeks. The next leg of the journey begins! Out of our home and into the Gallery! It is like your kids going to camp, or perhaps even leaving home! All week I have been making final preparations. Grooming them for display. I didn’t realise, just how many things there are to do, that are not directly related to painting! It has been wonderful being pushed out of my comfort zone. I have learnt how to do many things. Including, how to just get on with the more challenging aspects and not let my fears put me off. 

My pre-sales have added to feeling more confident and enquiries have done the same. It is rewarding on many levels. Regardless of the outcome of this Exhibition, I already know I will continue painting. It has become part of my life expression. I am in a state of Gratitude for having found such a fabulous medium to explore myself!  The activities that have pushed me out of my comfort zone, have taught me as much about myself as does the painting!

It is going to be quite busy between now and Wednesday night’s opening. I have the transporting of paintings, the hanging of the show, some publicity and catalogues to copy. Monday is also the day my two children go back to school, one for the first time! All in all it is a big week for our household! The weather is supposed to calm somewhat by mid week and I hope it is cool enough for me to wear my boots Wednesday night! I may wear them anyway!

To all of my family and friends, I say a big Thank You for all your support and love! It is all the more fun for sharing!

Off to make a play list for the CD, now anyone that knows me, knows that is dangerous territory! My choice in music has been a source of ribbing for years. See how we go!