1 Week until Opening!

Wow! What a week!

I have done many interesting new things, including stuffing a very large number of envelopes, it has all been good!

The local papers advertisments came out today. I picked up a copy at a friends and got a thrill at seeing the details in print again! May sound silly but it is such a visual recognition of what is happening, a confirmation, that helps me get on with the next step.

My husband has been wonderfully supportive, stringing all the paintings with weight appropriate backing! No mean feat, for which his fingers paid the price.It has been great working so well together! I think you need that balance in relationship as much as in work and life in general. It’s really good to feel the team! The kids have been happy to watch things come together and see how steps make a journey!

Friends too, have been amazing.  Some offering help from the most practical senses, like baby sitting, to the emotional support experienced along the way. Phone calls from loved ones distant from home, with well wishes and congratulations. I look forward to doing it all again with what I have learnt! One really big work comes to mind and it is Organisation! With everything…except the painting….

Yesterday I played with the Trypych from Series 3. I knew she wasn’t complete enough but until yesterday, I wasn’t sure what to do. I Played! It was so much fun! It has been a couple of weeks gone by, in which I haven’t got my hands very dirty and I missed it. If the paintings  look as they do now, in the light tomorrow. They will be complete!

I’ve also put together a little installation idea to place in the show. I’ve had so much fun collecting for it over the last year or two. It will be interesting to see what people think about the sharing. I hope they like it. I would like to have a record book too, so people can leave a comment on what they felt.

Another week in gratitude, learning and accomplishing so much! It is a joy doing what needs to be done! Very exciting times!