Monday 2nd. Hanging the show!

The day started with a lot of nerves, none of which were due to the work ahead. It was all about my youngest daughters first day at school!         

Once I got to the Gallery, I was ready to get on with the task at hand. My sister Michelle came to help me and we met with Craig, the Gallery Curator. I feel blessed that she did, as it turns out she really has an eye and we had some really good sister time together. Craig took charge of the downstairs hanging as the walls are very high and it is the main Foyer. Michelle and I were in charge of hanging upstairs. Michelle worked like a Trojan and seemed to have an ability to place paintings in the right spot. I think I had become so close to them, I was begining to blur all the images in my head!

There was a lot of manual work, adjusting heights and finding the right hanging apparatus to match the size of the paintings. I had never actually done this before and found once again I learnt so much! We worked straight through until it was time to pick up our kids from school. The only break being for a coffee at about half time. 

Craig had a scissor lift to access the high hanging zone. He did a terriffic job, juggling the holding of paintings and securing them in position once he found the correct height!

I must say it was interesting to see paintings that seemed huge in my lounge room, and even somewhat overpowering in their color, seemed much smaller  in size and their impact much softer once on the high white walls!

It was quite a moment to look at them all up on the walls, not leaning or battling againgst 3 others for your eyes attention, as they do leaning stacked against the wall! There was the proper opportunity to make a distance between yourself and a work. A different reading and a different emphasis overall. A couple of paintings though, favor getting up close for a touch!