"Trees of Brazil" Series.

I am finishing off 4 paintings from ‘The Tree’s in Brazil ‘ Series. They are autumnal in color range.

I get a soothing feeling while I work with the palette of these paintings! There are ‘Mixed Titanium White’s’ made with ‘Sienna or Umber ‘ highlights, amongst varying shades of ‘Olive Green’ and ‘Burnt Sienna’.

They are exotic in their nature. Each one a travelling journey. I have taken risks and had a love affair with ‘Sepia’ tone! These paintings will slot into an environment and yet still remain a feature.

It is very excitng to watch as it all becomes. The one thing I crave is a larger, clear space, in which to line up and view the body of work in large sections! It can be difficult to hold the ‘Alignment’ of the Series and the manner in which the Series tie’ together , all in my head. I shall be making scale size pics at some point soon to help remedy this. It would be such a fun exercise too!

The positive of this space shortage ,is I have a lot of ‘cross-over’ in my techniques. The different Series have relevant threads of technique throughout the whole body of work, ‘Messages from The Soul’. It will be so interesting to see them from a distance.

I look forward to the reading beginning to end. It is probably common  in the middle of a work intended to read together that the story can jumble. It does many times but in my opinion, always adding to the overall flavour of the finished painting!

Putting the Exhibition together for February has been such an interesting journey. It has made me assess and critique, evaluate and ‘own’ what I do.

From the production of buisness cards and flyers, to the compling of mailing lists and details. Catalogue references, Title’s, Measurements and Brief all belonging to the paintings and yet not in relation to paint!

I discovered an entirely new dimension to my paintings that was available to creativity.

I discovered a power in being able to frame and hang a painting in the way i had intended. A closure of sorts, when you alocate a measurement,, the painting will then hang from that  point, holding that angle unless changed.  I so often view my work with other people when it is leaning against my wall, that we challenge how it looks from every angle. Rightway, upside down, both sides as top! Consequently alot of new perspectives have been born and paintings hung with a new message. It is the same way  I work in the studio. I turn paintings upside down and the next color writes it’s chapter and so on. It is very liberating and allows me to trust my intuition more so than if i see the picture in the same position for many sittings. I am tempted to ‘guide’ it more. Although, that has it’s place, I love being in the Flow and just trusting!