Red and Blue


I have been working with ‘Red and Blue’ for a couple of weeks now. As I looked at the Tryptich nearly completed, in daylight hours yesterday I realized how much the colors had moved me. It has been a very passion fuelled journey. They are such bold colors. Now there is complexity. I am tired from all the motion! A friend mentioned her ‘Salsa’ Class and I thought ‘That’s where I have been’, dancing with ‘Red and Blue’, building energy and plunging into deeper waters. It is demanding and confronting but rewarding and enlightening!

The painting has transformed the results of my personal journey and are nearly ready for their final layers/ Message. All the stages in a paintings life reflect something of the life that made it , at that time. I do, as an artist, wonder sometimes ‘chicken or the egg’? Is it me choosing the color or is the color choosing me? Is it taking me there or am I creating it? Maybe Both!

It is a moody thing!

This Tryptych is in the Fire Within Series’.

It carries and ‘Australian Red Gold’ hue with it.

I can see it hanging in a large room that would benefit from the energy!

An entertaining room perhaps? It’s presence is quite majestic.

I am looking at the ‘Tree’s of Brazil’ series in the corner of the room, awaiting their next layers with a sigh of relief for the cooling, softness.