Olive Green and Sepia

Tonight I watched as Olive green merged with Sepia.Mixing on my Palette with a large brush, I watched a marriage in the making before my eyes.Glimpsing each individual color as they blended and swirled, twisting in togetherness, tumbling as they joined in their organic dance, to make a color unlike either color on it’s own.

It is pure Alchemy! It is such a joy!


Then comes the fury of application when the descision has been made. Forward motion, engaged, energetic and rewarding. On applying the new blended color I felt challenged, afraid of it’s darkness. I fell in to shadows that bled as I pondered and questioned until I chose to commit. The thoughts that accompany these moments are deeply personal and self reflective and a lesson in my own strengths and weakness’.

The process of self realization through the act of painting always amazes me. I am often suprised at how quickly color can transport me to a place where I am open to recieve Messages about myself, my loved ones. I feel richer for the experience and I feel the painting has reached a new level of dialogue. I appreciate the journey and the messages it shared with me about myself, my fears and ulitmately courage!