Time to start again!

So only a week and a half of school holidays to go. It has gone so quickly yet again and yet been so full of activity that not much has gone between my paint and I! I have had time to sit and contemplate at night when everyone is fed and either sleeping or doing something of their own. I have come out and sat in my chairs, looked all around and asked myself, repeatedly, ‘What next? ‘.

I am still a little unsure about the answer.

Although, I have felt it time to gesso up over some paintings I have yet to resolve! This is ineteresting as for a long while, I have had a self imposed rule of following through on a ground until it starts to gell. I liked not giving up on the layers already down. They had given me their moments when it all felt as though it was going somewhere predestined and I was along for the ride. But then somewhere along the way, it stopped working and I have kept up with different techniques and colors to rebirth the painting. I liked it. But this week I chose to cover and start again with 4 canvas’! 

I have actually found a company that will make stretchers for me that come well recommended. It is very excting and an order will be placed very soon. Meanwhile, I want to paint again now and get into the flow with it, so I am begining again…..from scratch with only structure to carry over from the past, in the form of texture that will come through into the new painting regardless of the palette. The palette though will be born of my last fushia and sapphire series. I feel a pull foward more Titanium White in the mix.

In a way it is still bringing the past forward and reinventing it to something that works for me now, but it also has the element of the new. This new chapter is christened with a gesso start on paintings with the texture of the Deep End Series and colors from the latest palettte. It is excitng to be at the begining of a journey again! Off to Paint!