Delivery arrived!

I am on my 7th of 12 Canvas’s to be stretched and then laid with a couple of grounds of Gesso Primer before being able to creatively paint!      

In fact I will be building texture in the foundations of this series, so that to will have to be at least begun in the foundation layers.The canvas’ that are stretched, are leaning against a spare wall inside…all perfect and beconing to play!

I apologize  for not having posted photo’s of the opening in December yet. I am technically challenged and require help with some of those aspects still. It is a juggle sometimes getting the to do list done. They will be up as soon as possible.

I shall be stretching and stapling for another day or so, before I can prime them. So a week of preparation to paint. If you don’t hear from me you know what I am doing. Pacing myself. Allowing some space in the process of ‘getting ready’ for what is next but, just enjoying taking part in what is going on and be mindful of what is presenting.

It is a rewarding experience to see the wood wrapt and supportive of a painting that is still to come! It may sound nerdy but it is really exhillarating. A time of openess and promise.

It is exciting,  as I feel what might be coming, but it is a whisper of what will soon be in full scale production! When it clicks and the creative outpour begins, it can be intense, intuitive and short lived or a long drawn out process, involving months, not days to complete a work and I for one don’t know which it will be until I start working. I think most artists would say that all different styles of technique are interesting for their own reasons but when you get into the flow and have an intense and productive period, there is little to compare with the rush and the high of being in the flow. When it feels as though you are an observer of a painting being made rather than having a preconcieved notion of what you are directing. I love it when things are guided by intuition alone, quick descisions that may make sense only later. Chosing color by feel not logic. Letting the palette make itself and enjoy the suprise when the harmony between all the unusual color choices works! I learn so much afterward! Often they are the paintings that stories intoduce themselves, down the track. Faces and bodies with stories of their own to tell, that I don’t often see until after i am finished painting! Once seen though, they are always present.

So, although I have been dabbling with a brush this week, it has been to muck around with some new colors I bought and losen up for painting again. It has been almost 2 months since I was out in the studio every day!

The kids were back at school last week. That is a key to enjoying everything. Good balance. It has been really fabulous having decent time with the family, more time to ground as a team. Meals’ eaten together, games played, having conversations that sometimes are hard to ‘fit in’! I have been getting into cooking more new recipies and keeping house better than before the show. The veggie garden is producing copious quantities of various vegetables. (we are a little over Zuccini’s and nearly over Cucumber!) and domestic routines are working nicely, an order presounds. Just in time to prepare canvas’ to get ready for then next round of creative madness!