What next?

In moving forward from such a positve outcome with ‘Wavelegths’, I am taking a moment to look around the studio, reaquaint with my colors, paintings, tools. It is a little overwhelming to see so many previous series in bits and pieces all around but only unfinished works that didn’t make it in to the Exhibition. All but one of the five paintings in the new series, has sold! I didn’t name them in a series. They had individual names. ‘The Winds of Change’, ‘The Teacher’s', ‘Vali’s cave-Under the Sea’, The River of Dreams’and ‘Coral Dreaming’.'Coral Dreaming’ is the only one I have left. I have it in the lougeroom at present to see more often while I decide whether to leave her or to continue to work on her. It is an interesting dilemma. Maybe you should leave what has already been decided and allow it to find it’s home in it’s own time or maybe it is here granting permission to carry it forward, like a link to what may grow out of the energy of the newly discovered palette. These colors are obviously appreciated as a frequency right now, as they found their calling immediately.

I am thrilled they have been bought by people that love them, especially enough to buy them. I haven’t had a another series leave me as quickly. So quickly (within 6 weeks of painting them) that I didn’t get a chance to live with them after painting as I have with other series. They still feel so new. I don’t feel the series in conclusion, infact perhaps only begun. I do know enough about how I paint however, to know I can just play around out here in the shed/studio for a while, taking it all in again and letting the messages come to me as to what to do next!

This is great!  I just have to come out here to my workspace, to feel connected and tuned in to the energy that surrounds me when I am painting. I don’t actually have to be painting to experience it. It is more than the brush and the canvas. It is the flow. When it flows out to express on the canvas it is a truely magical moment. A feeling like few others. I’m taking it all in! From this side for now. It is great!