The night before Opening Night!

All that needs to be done for the ‘Messages from the Soul’ is done! What an amazing ride so far! I haven’t had a minute spare to get nervous about tomorrow night. How fabulous! It has crept upon me day by day, step by step! Now, here it is! I am very excited.I am also very tired! No where could you learn that you’ll need to factor in hours upon hours of congratulatory emails and phone calls! Who would have thought! The out pouring was worth this whole experience in itself! People rang to say ‘goodluck’, ’I'll see you there’ or even to ask ‘what are you wearing?’ Others from interstate and overseas rang to send love and support. It was so wonderful and vascilated between being SO real to being at times, most surreal!  I have been deeply moved and changed in some way! My family have lived on Baked bean dinners and Tuna noodles for an entire two weeks! I bet they look forward to the dust settling somewhat too.

It’s great watching it all come together. So far, I have really enjoyed every aspect of putting together the Exhibition. It has taken an incredible amount of organisation and time away, from actually being able to paint! My family is tiring of my fixation. I am ready to let it go. Although there are 3 weeks of show, so it will be interesting to see what we do. There are a couple of dates already in which we will be meeting different people at the Gallery to catch up and walk through together with the work. I have left a little black book on the table in the

Mezzanine, for guests to leave me a message on what they thought about the work, or even to acknowledge that they came and were part of the first show!

With the paintings having been created over a 5 year period, there is a certain randomness in the story but the techniques have been used over again in the work and there is at least one, if not more common threads running through the various styles represented. Even more so in recent work , as the styles started to really gel together! Series such as ‘The Tree’s of Brazil’ had a starting point at the birth of this show and evolved along with the new introductions of style and techniques while retaining a Palette and feeling over the years. (The Triptych has sold prior to the show.) I’ll continue with all of the series of their own asking. These are the Messages so far. I am learning, all their meaning, doesn’t come at once!

I saw them all the paintings together,  hanging in the Gallery, before anyone ,(except the photographer from the Stonnington Leader) has seen it. I hope the people that come to see it are moved in some way. I hope they feel something! Having learnt what I have from this experience,  Ican’t wait now to do it all again. This time with the foresight of planning my direction and intending a journey! We haven’t finished here yet. So a good night’s sleep for all in our house tonight and bring it on for tomorrow!