Opening Night Day!

Opening night is here! It is funny, it’s a regular day with school for the girls and work for Aran, while I wait for 6.30pm! There are odd things to do but all the real organising is done. There are a couple of phone calls to return, some emails to write but essentially a day of rest, get time to paint my nails,  isn’t that funny! I don’t feel nervous just alert and very present! I like this.

Hours to go…. I pick up the girls, we eat californian rolls I picked up and there is a frenzy of getting ready. It is still hot but only in the high 20′s and after the 44 degree days of late, it is bearable! The kids get dressed and I make up so we were all ready when Aran arrived home to pick us up and go! Cheese platters and all!  The kids were excited too! It has been good.