2015- Happy New Year!

This is the perfect time to introduce a new style of sharing. I have been soul searching for a better feeling connect with writing my blog and feel it is time to share more of myself in the process. In the past I have tried to keep the blog about just the process of making the art or what is happening in terms of showing it but something always felt lacking. I didn't really think people would want to know about me as much as my work. Turns out I am wrong. I have felt some form of vulnerability in exposing more of myself and frankly didn't know that it would be of any interest but after conversations with collectors over the past couple of weeks, I have realized it was the missing element for me and perhaps my audience...I love this type of opportunity for growth and hope you will like it too.

A few months ago, I began filming my sessions in the studio with a time lapse camera. I put this off for a long time as I thought perhaps it would put me off getting into the flow and effect my work but I was wrong. In truth after I turned it on and began working, I completely forgot about the camera. The hour or two sessions are condensed into 20-30 second video's...time is precious and probably only painter's love watching paint dry. (I must admit it is one of my favorite things, to watch as gravity effects different area's of paint on the canvas and magic takes place in front of my eyes, I may make a slower video at some point to share these moments too though as they are delicious to witness) I hope you enjoy seeing the paintings come to life in these clips as I do when they are flowing through me.

IMG_4425 The feedback I received from sharing this footage is that a lot of people were surprised at how physical painting can be. Stretching up and down to stroke a canvas and running between palette and canvas and even multiple canvases in one session. Of course every artist works in their own way and space requirement is dependent on the size of canvas you are working on but I have never worked on a tabletop, always an easel of a canvas flat on the floor. I love having to move around the canvas in order to reach different parts of it and it allows different perspectives as you move. I am working on these 3 canvases at present. My new work for the beginning of 2015. It is lighter in palette and combines a number of techniques I have used in paintings preceding these but not usually all together like this. I am loving exploring the outcomes. Here is another video from October...I'm heading back into the studio now! IMG_3823