Shed a little tear

It’s funny, I haven’t got emotional yet about moving, (maybe there has been too much to do), but in the shed late yesterday afternoon, as the sun was going down, I stood there, in silence, looked around and took it all in. I teared up. I realised how many paintings had been made in this space, over the last four years. The entire ‘Messages from the Soul’ exhibition came to life here. I have learned what the light does at different times of the day, which lamps to use and when, where everything is, in this supposed mess!

It will be interesting to see if I can make a more regulated type of order, shelving and so on. My studio is a bit like a teenager’s bedroom, they know where everything is, in the pile of mess, that is their room. As do I.

I trust the next studio will house us in generous terms, with fabulous light and controlled ventilation! Room for plenty of storage and drying racks. Heated in winter, maybe even cooled in summer…big tree’s outside the window and no more weeds growing through the wall inside the studio! It may have a feel to it but the leaves turn to litter and threaten the glass like surfaces of some of the wet paintings at times. Being water proof would be a blessing too. 

Even though Aran, my husband, filled the gaps when we moved in, it still happens that every now and again a heavy rain will get through and alter a work lying nearby. So far it hasn’t been detrimental but a space that is contained and comfortable would be a treat. I currently go outside the shed to view a work from a distance…I would like to be able to get a distant perspective and remained housed with the work! Sounds like we will need a warehouse raher than a shed! A double garage would do the trick for now though.

I hope the new owner enjoys what is left of some of my paintings, on the concrete floor of the shed. Just where the edges of the rug finished. A ‘patina’ we could say! The Wabi Sabi of my creative life! The floor rug has become a work of art in itself. It should be part of the next installation.

I will miss this studio. I am grateful for all I have learned here.