My New Double Length kidding!

How about that!

My studio space is to grow double in size by September!

I am so excited at what that might mean. I envisage racks! Storage and display! Pull out racks would be perfect! Perhaps some mesh fencing on or a rail, each able to slide forward and showcase the paintings attached to the mesh, or in the shape of a fan, so you could flip the sidings…like a book!

I’ll have to sit in there a little to get the feel for how it should be. Just as with the house really, we will live in it for a while before we ‘do’ anything! We will let it speak to us. Show us where the light falls inside the house, in the studio, also the garden!

We may even make an area outside, in the garden, where I can paint. En plaire. A little space conducive to eisel and paint and creativity. Interesting!

I currently share my studio space with a collection of repairable furiture, garden tools, the family’s bikes, bits and pieces that have had no where else to reside! In my new space I shall have twice as much room and less ‘stuff’ to share the space with.

I can only imagine what it is like to walk around a Triptych on the studio floor as appossed to carrying it out on the lawn where there is room! I can work again from an over the canvas approach, although I still use the technique in this limited space, I do not do it as often as I would like. Maybe, my canvas will get larger, more simultaneous multiples!

There are bound to be many ways in which a new environment will add to the influences in my work and I am excited about the fresh input, so here’s “Cheers” to the new!