A new Triptych in Orange, Yellow and Red!

The energy has been flowing at high levels the past two weeks. We have found our new home and move in 6 weeks time. I have the next four weeks to paint and pack the move. I need at least two weeks for the paintings to dry enough to transport safely. Emotions are being reflected in my color choices. They are vibrant in tone, gestural and energetic technique. Happy paintings.

The Red’s have only just begun, We have had three sessions and a base is being laid. The techniques run through a history of their own, in my paintings. The drips keep coming back as do linear markings. It feels primal. I like how techniques are crossing over from different series now. They are becoming my Vocabulary.

I love that I am a part of the desicion of what I want to achieve with a technique now, as appossed to when it was always a suprise that was integrated and observed, now it can be created. I do enjoy the suprise and wonder as I watch the painting change shape before my eyes, when color and gravity play together.

The rivulets are a delight to see formed over a 12-24 hrs period; Bearing witness to where colors meet up and it feels like Delta’s are forming in the downpour, pulling your eye along their path.

I will lie a canvas down flat when it reaches a state of harmony. So it can set and begin finishing.

I’ll usually glaze again after that…. then have another look!

I’m enjoying the warmth and energy of the colors, especially as it is below 10 most nights in the studio!

Looking forward to seeing this Tryptich finished!