Discovering the past, in moving forward...

I’m packing! The house, the garden, the shed and the Studio.

Layers upon layers of life! Sorting through it, culling, sharing, keeping…. remembering!

So many idea’s gone by that have been somewhat awoken. I hope to use my new space in a new way with, some ‘old’ idea’s!

It is quite exhillarating to reminisce with the ‘start’ of a painting that has yet to resolve and has been placed ‘at the back’ for a while now. Memories of what you were doing in relation to life as well as in relation to the painting. A joy to recognise the begining of a technique that was to stay and become a feature thread through out many works to come. Some even seem like ‘mother’ paintings, as in ‘mother stock’. Their inception created many other works from their origins and lessons. They birthed series! They are fast becoming my private collection!

There are boxes full of drawings and papers, pastels and inks, pigment of varying kinds. Bit’s of material, canvas and board. I hope to make visable in shelving these resources, so as to include them in some new work. All have needed to be sorted and packed. A lot has been culled.

I look forward to taking more pictures of work in progress and cataloging the process along the way.

There are diaries and sketch pads all which I must make time to revisit. They are interesting and often entertaining!

The move has officially begun. The next two weeks will probably be too busy to paint in the studio but we will be painting inside the house!

I hope to get the studio/garage set up hapening quickly as to continue working on the new paintings for the December Exhibition at Chapel off Chapel Gallery in Prahran. More news on that to come with a Title and briefs from both Jan and myself.

The ‘Triptych in Red and Yellow’ and the Triptych in Blue’ have come along really nicely. A great example of bringing the old in to the now for review. The techniques are cleaner and made with a knowledge of outcome that has made compostion a little more minded than the ‘Wavelength Series’ before. A very similar vibration in the outcome and it has been a pleasure to watch new dimensions coming into play.

I look forward to having things in order and getting back to painting!