Letting go...

It has been some months since I have tended my blog. I couldn’t have known what was ahead of me with our family moving to live in Dallas, Texas. Our lives turned temporarily upside down and most definately inside out! There has been a massive culling, (and yet there is more) evaluating, (what do we actually need or not) and resturcturing for my husband, our kids and myself. It is an interesting process. Your looking forward and taking all the steps to proceed that way, all the while the past is beconing for consideration. People we hadn’t seen for a long time, made visits to say goodbye. Similarily, there have been numerous phone calls and emails, that may not have fallen into the past two months, that have been made or recieved because of the news of the move. It’s been nice reflecting and catching up with friends and family over the past two months. I can honestly say I have never been busier.

There are huge amounts of organisation to relocate an entire family. Starting with researching what we had to do, to filling out numerous forms for immigration, that likewise caused us to reflect on the past. Recount addreess’ lived for more than 6months at a time, since the age of 16! As a model over the years I personally have lived in many places since the age of 16, for more than 6mths. Remembering it all backwards was a test. I have to say, it too being an interesting process as it brings into your awareness, once again, a time gone by. It is not often you have a need to look back in retrospect and account for your person.

Decisions to make regarding the house, small renovations to do, relocating our pets and working out details for my eldest daughter, whom has decided to stay in Melbourne, at least for now. That has been a development frought with emotion, but understandable when you 18 and launching into the adult world. There world you know can be more comfortable to navigate. She has a home with family and a job and a boyfriend all here. Hopefully she will visit us soon.

Anyway, needless to say there has not been much time available for my arts practice. I am bursting at the seams with new material, just haven’t had a chance to express it yet. Nights have been spent differently of late. I don’t paint much in the daylight hours. I may plan or prepare canvas and the like but when it is quiet and dark the work is more easily chanelled.

I have been organising the studio for packing but leaving the basics for those rare moments I can paint, although I have had a number of paintings sell in the last month or so, with people dropping in to the studio and having a look at past work as well as what is in progress right now.

It is so rewarding when someone connects with a work enough to want to take it home with them. I have had a few couples choosing work together lately and it is interesting to watch them work out their similarities and differences, reflected in their choices and seeing them come together and decide on something that they are both pleased with. So thank you to those of you that bought a painting recently and I hope you enjoy it as they reveal themselves to you over time. Knowing they are loved makes the process of letting go an easier one. It is befitting a reminder for all the other area’s of our lives that are changing. All subject to letting go…with love.