Collingwood Gallery "The Greed" Group Show

I pleased to announce I am hanging in the "Greed" Group Show: "More, More, More is never enough" 

@ Collingwood Gallery - 292 Smith Street, Collingwood.
Opening night is Sat 25th September.

Running for two weeks.

I participated in ‘Tree’s, Tree’s, Tree’s’ there last year and ‘The Greed Group’ show is also curated by Rafaella Torressan. 

I think she does an amazing job of co-ordinating all the artists with their work in on time. She prints the catalogues and invitations and organises the promotional materials on behalf of everyone participating, and that’s before Opening Night!

A group show is a fabulous way to engage in the art community. Getting the chance to meet other artists and view their work, speak with them about their techniques and passions and maybe or even make a friend is a pretty good opportunity! I will be in America when the show opens but I know a few of you who are going and I know you’ll have a fantastic, celebratory night! I look forward to the pics! 

My entry is: ‘Golden Pond’.


Sapphire, Cad Yellow, Cad Red, Alizarin Crimson and Australian Flinder’s Blue make up the palette.

Golden pond, water, symbolic of emotion, some blood shed combining the hope of blue with the growth of green above unifying Golden pond.

The message is personal to the reader. The etchings and little bloodied area’s represent a personal familiarity from their own journey, in their own language, I am using color in mine. I have favorite area’s that engage me for longest, as I hope other’s will too. Look for the area slightly right of centre middle, where the paint has run through itself and taken away it’s own color!