Moving to Dallas!

Hi everyone.

My apologies for not having written in a while. We are in the midst of major change in our family household and there hasn’t been time to write and sadly no time this month to even paint! It is starting to take it’s toll! I endevour to get back into the studio next week after a few things are finalised for our families move to Dallas, Texas! Yes, Texas, USA.

It has been a whirlwind of decisions and organisation since my husband accepted a new job based in Dallas. We intend to spend the next two years there with a possibility of longer if all goes well and we settle happily.

If anyone is interested in viewing my studio stock during the months of June/July, please let me know. You can leave a message here or contact me if you have my no’s. I will be taking my recent work with me to continue in the States, unless that sells too but I can not offer those paintings at reduced prices. Paintings from my stock room will be heavily discounted due to not being able to transport them oversea’s. It seems a waste to store them for as long as we intend to stay over in the USA, so if you have had your eye on a particular work from either of the past two exhibitions, now is your last chance to buy it.

I will write posts as time permits, over the next two months, before we leave at July’s end. Meanwhile there is so much to do and organise. Who would have thought? Dallas! It has come as a suprise but we will embrace it all in the spirit of adventure!

You can leave me a message regarding viewing at Look forward to seeing some of you before we head off.