'Friendship' 10" x 8" Oil/Glaze on Canvas 2014  

This is one of my recent works in a smaller scale that was created as part of a triptych to celebrate friendship. In my triptych 'Deeper', I stayed within the family of Blue's, wanting to create depth without distraction. This was my next adventure and I wanted to explore multiple colors and textures in a small scale work. I used many of the different techniques I use in my larger scale work to see if they would translate. I feel they did. I love the energy and warmth in this work. It speaks of friendship and the many layers that contribute to it's fabric. Friendships are often complex and simple at the same time. It is wonderful when they reach a maturity where these qualities can co-exist harmoniously, as they do in a completed work of art. It too, is in the home of a dear friend.