Ultramarine...one of my favorite colors.

'Deeper' 10" x 8" Oil/Glaze on Canvas 2014 This is one panel of a triptych I painted recently to explore size. I have been working on larger scale canvases for the best part of a year and felt the urge to scale down and see if I could achieve the same type of depth with a smaller canvas. I think i did. I love this painting and it is going to live with a special friend, which is a blessing as I will get to see it again whenever I visit. It speaks of depth. The deeper thoughts we have, the probing of ourselves to better understand our motivations and our desires. Not something for the faint hearted at times but definitely rewarding and a way of being that creates a rich and layered life. The reward for being brave enough to face oneself and acknowledge the mysterious depths inside, also the courage to face oneself in the light of that honesty and make adjustments when necessary. Not everyone lives that way but the owner of this painting does. I am proud to have it hang in her home.