15th September...how time flies!

It is all systems go here at present. We moved and are now unpacked and mostly organised to function.

The studio is set up in it’s basic form and I look forward to spreading out as we sort through various boxes still in the shed. There will be an area to relax and view or read, an area for storage of resting work and some more bench space than I first thought I would like. I think we have done pretty well given so many things to juggle of late but the one area that has been on hold is painting!

I have managed to get out in the new space and begin a Triptych to continue the series born from the Wavelength Paintings. The colors are bold and bright. A reflection of the energy that has been forthcoming of late. Aqua and Gold floating with Blues. So much is new, I am glad the colors coming through are new combinations! So far, I have painted 3 nights in the last week. It was good, yet I’m still getting familiar with new placements and order. It is like the kitchen at present, I can make dinner as usual but it does seem to take twice as long as i have to look for tools or ingredients in a cupboard packed but not completely sorted.

My palette is laid out in color groups in a fabulous, old, wooden box I love. This may not last long but it looks pretty!

Life takes on it’s own shape in the spaces that you live. Things you need get shuffled until they are close to you and other things move to the back of a shelf or in newly ordered groups, like Pastels, Guache, Aquarelles and Water Colors. It feels familiar but not yet known. I am hoping to allow some of the newness without losing the thread. I look forward to using the newly discovered supplies of pigments and paints too!

So back on track and excited.