Studio News for September!

I sit here in the studio amongst a sea of color. Yet again, new colors have emerged and reflect the changes in my personal life.

The color is vibrant! Energetic and lively movement forms the basis of a series related to the previous; ‘Wavelength’ series.

Linear bands effected with Gravity to create the rivulets and rivers that run with a life of their own. It is a suprise full way of painting.

Over a couple of years using those techniques, I have come to know them better and can now, determine the outcome more physically than before. More reliably too. It free’s me up somewhat, to play more with the color. I am still working out the direction of the paintings for Decembers show. (Chapel off Chapel in Prahran, Melbourne.) The obvious thread at the moment is the influence of the previous ‘Wavelength’ Series.

The colors are a new palatte for me. Fushia and Sapphire, Golden Yellows. The Blue’s are still coming forward. There is a new Diptych in Blue. It is in the vein of ‘The Deep End’ series but also carries a thread of the Wavelength series in it too.

I love it when techniques merge and the result honors both parents! A bridge between series!