'Listening' has found it's new home here in Dallas!

jerry painting yellow signed 'Listening' Oil/ Glaze on Canvas 36" x 48" 2013

This work was a wonderful lesson in listening, hence it's title. Many times I brought it out to continue working on it as it is only a few layers deep and a lot of my work is quite dense in layering. Each time I went to work on it, it literally spoke to me and said it was complete. I battled with this for a while as I loved the composition as it is but there are usually many 'stopping points' along the way in my work and I keep going with the layering to discover more. I often lose a work for a time and then it returns somewhere along the way, I have come to expect it as part of the process. There are nights when I leave the studio sure a painting is complete and then in the light of day decide to continue exploring and building, revealing, concealing until another stopping point arises. It is knowing which stopping point signals true completion that is interesting. This work spoke of completion well before my normal process would. I am so pleased I listened and resisted the temptation to build some more. It has an ethereal beauty and calmness in the energy it exudes. It is now hanging in a music studio here in Dallas and the title and the lesson it taught me seems so apt for a room dedicated to the purpose of creation. I hope it inspires many a beautiful song.


'Light Being' has been delivered to it's new home!

'Simplicity' 36" x 24" Oil/Glaze on Canvas

I delivered this painting to my fabulous hair stylist this morning. We have a deal between us that I love, he does my families hair (like the artist that he is) and I dress his walls! I love it when a painting goes home with a friend. Not only do I have a chance to see it again when I visit but I know the vibration I am leaving with them is like being there in some way. Friendship is such a special part of life. It is the key to so much happiness. I hope this painting reminds you Robert, of the wonderful 'Light Being' you are! I know that somehow you manage to imbue a special magic when you sculpt my hair. I feel like my mojo is back and I can do anything. I guess that is the power of beauty, for some it's hair styling, for some it's painting but anyway beauty is expressed with passion, a magic remains! Thank You!

Letting go.

This year's theme has been- 'letting go'.On so many different levels, run the same theme of 'letting go'. Personally and along side in my studio practice, I have really begun to let go. I am no longer trying to foresee how any of the paintings relate, until I see that they do. When they do, you really do know.  There's a pull to stop. Choosing to stop is another matter. In fact there are really many 'stopping points' along the way of a deeply layered painting. The lighter the painting, the less layers in I decided to stop and allow it to remain in it's semi completeness. That's rare for me to do. I usually opt to explore and risk what is, to see what that exploration add's to the next layer. I've done that many times  to where the painting resembles a monochrome but with layers of color underneath because I have just kept going, layering and layering. They are wonderful viewed with great lighting and also powerful alone in the dark. :) This year though, I have allowed an earlier 'letting go' of a canvas with fewer layers, just occasionally. They are simpler but still carry an energy and a message unique to their making. I have found many of my works are coming out in pairs, Diptychs as they are known. It is exciting to work on two similar or even joined canvases at one time. I often have multiple work underway , due to required drying time for oils, but to work with a vision that runs across 2 or 3 panels at once is rather grande. I am really enjoying it. They are diverse in palette and in style to themselves but carry all the commonalities in my work. They are very distinct vibrations. I'm 'letting go' of trying to articulate what they meant to me as they were my gift in the making, but when they move on to their new homes, they have their own purpose. For me, I had the lusciousness of participating, a real collaboration with my materials. Waiting for drips to run and images to appear in front of my eyes as I watched the interactivity of colors and glaze among each other. Rivulets forming and pools gathering, organically with gravity, watching as they grew. Stemming them, encouraging them. Little mark makings that felt splendid in my wrist and joyous in their burst of expression that gave me such fun. Painting is discovery and patience, trust and impulse, witnessing creation as much as intending it. The paintings are all related in sequence of their making. Literally. It is one extensive series.

Meanwhile here's a photo from the studio of what was happening this week.

'Magenta in the studio' Oil and Glaze Various states of completion.


So...off I went, into the woods....

Hmmm, it's been a while since I have sat to write.Life has been a roller coaster in action lately but the high points, have been worth the altitude! I disappeared a little into the realm of social media. I discovered a wealth of cool art people to speak with and share. I developed relationships and understanding of a large group of people, mainly woman, at once. It was a whirlwind and invigorating and is now informative and I am learning how to flow with it. It takes time but adds dimension. I've felt, like I have had company in my studio when I paint my current serries, akin to a party. All my new friends there in spirit. It's cool, something someone said in the forum comes to you, to influence while your working. even just the fact of knowing 'other's' are doing the same activity with the same passion, in another location. is invigorating to me. It's strengthening.

It's also a learning curve to navigate and boundaries to set, terrain to explore. I am expanding on many levels at present, literally and it's expressing in my paintings. It's a  24/7 pace, but it is such a good feeling, it hasn't been too hard to maintain. Imminent growth and a new mix of palette's to boot. Once again, a mix of the old and the new and yet it is a new vibration. Bright and radiant from with in. There are techniques and textures apparent through all panels, in different degree's.

I am waiting to photograph the paintings properly, to share. Meanwhile I am Happy to share studio shots, a taste of what is to come....

Triptych glaze drying.


Reaching out to other artists through social media.

January 2014... 'Year of the New'. I have just joined a newly formed 'closed' group for artists on a social network. It is like pigging out at a buffet after dieting for years! There are many different groups and I am a member of a couple. They all have their own flavour and I appreciate the friendships I have made and the inspiration and motivation I have received from other members, mostly artists too. It is an interesting time in history to be an artist well, just to be alive but in terms of art making, which is often a solitary pursuit in a studio environment by oneself (at least for me) I have found this medium of social networking an amazing boon to my self discovery and confidence. The groups I belong to are not just about posting your work hoping to get likes, in fact one of the groups doesn't allow posting except on a given day and only one share each, they are about opening up and sharing of oneself to get to know yourself better and to share with others on other levels. These groups enable us to share things we have learnt that may be helpful to others, whether it be practical advice on technique or marketing or how to build your website to better suit your needs, even just to  share a block in creativity in search of a way out of it. The best thing is the groups are focussed on positivity. Helping one another become bigger and better at what we do. Helping us to find our authentic voice. It takes time and like everything, has to be weighed up in terms of how much one allocates to it. I am still painting despite having discovered 300+ new 'friends' in one week that I wish to get to know better. I haven't vacuumed my house or mopped my floor but I have still fed my family. So it is about prioritization. Sometimes the world does have to stop for a moment. We do need to jump in the deep end and immerse ourselves in the experience at hand. Learning when you are hungry to learn works up an insatiable appetite. Sharing with other people who are passionate and likeminded is such good soul food it is worth having a dirty floor! So, to all those who may be afraid to join a network of new people I am here to say 'don't be', take a risk, give it a go. You might find in sharing yourself, you find a little bit of you  that you hadn't really noticed before. It may be you as a reflection from someone else or it may be in the way you find you interact with another or answer the questions they ask. What's the worst case scenario, you join , don't like the experience and leave the group? The best scenario is that you learn and grow and share. I have some wonderful friends I am truly grateful for and one day I hope to meet in person.

Meanwhile, I have a few paintings on the go in the studio. They are not yet complete but here is a studio shot of what is in the midst of creation.

'The Birds' Triptych found their new home for Christmas!

'The Birds' Triptych 18" x 36" x 3 I began this work in 2011. It changed numerous times until mid 2013 when I chose to do some line work on two of the panels. That began as an exercise to free me up again with the brush. I had become blocked and things were not flowing as I would like. I decided to paint lines across two panels just to see what it looked like and because the movement felt good to my hand. After that layer had dried I applied Indigo abstractly with a palette knife for effect. The Birds were born and in flight!

I love it when an experimental technique works so well for a final finish. The outcome was NOT the purpose, the PROCESS was the goal and yet, here it is...complete. Another example to me of trusting each moment as it unfolds, not needing to know the destination, while remaining open to what reveals itself along the way.

I am happy to announce this Triptych has found it's new home here in Dallas in time for Christmas. It is in a beautiful new home with a lot of character and fabulous people. It joins other paintings in the collection with some reference to flight. I am so pleased all 3 panels are back together again! It took a few years to come together but it did!