'Light Being' has been delivered to it's new home!

'Simplicity' 36" x 24" Oil/Glaze on Canvas

I delivered this painting to my fabulous hair stylist this morning. We have a deal between us that I love, he does my families hair (like the artist that he is) and I dress his walls! I love it when a painting goes home with a friend. Not only do I have a chance to see it again when I visit but I know the vibration I am leaving with them is like being there in some way. Friendship is such a special part of life. It is the key to so much happiness. I hope this painting reminds you Robert, of the wonderful 'Light Being' you are! I know that somehow you manage to imbue a special magic when you sculpt my hair. I feel like my mojo is back and I can do anything. I guess that is the power of beauty, for some it's hair styling, for some it's painting but anyway beauty is expressed with passion, a magic remains! Thank You!