Tidy Up - 3 weeks until the Exhibition

The tidy up process is well and truly underway.

Last week I brought all of the paintings outside in the sunlight to get a really clean look at what I was working with for the Exhibition. It isn’t often I get to see them all lined up. They are strewn in various phases of completion, all over the Studio and the house. They are on the walls, along the hallway and now, even leaning along the wall space! It was fantastic to witness the family amongst the different series. I had a visual for the feeling to how they all fit, but seeing them and being able to move them around each other was an advantage. I will load some photographs soon!

There are two distinct palettes. The Red and Blue Series and Olive and Sepia Series.

They really worked well in the Studio. I seemed to really build and expend a lot of energy when working with Red and Blue. So much so that i would really look forward to the calming influence the colors of Nature had on me. I gained a personal balance by working between the two Series. I am sure I was feisty at times with Red and Blue and often pensive with the depths of Indigo. I know I had murky moments with the Natural colors that I didn’t expect. Reflections seemed to rise with in that weren’t always comfortable in releasing but always found their ground. I really enjoyed the depth of feeling even though it some times pained.

I have been finishing off edges that have required a second or third coat. If they haven’t been painted along with the way I like to build them up in the same style as a painting, not rely on a block color. That enables a depth of resonance to offset the painting as would a frame. I have 32 works completed at this point. I am yet to do the final mental layout with the floorplans, so there may be an addition or two, or I may cull.

There is then the final organisation of the Catalogue tp attend. The paintings had to be prority as they need to dry and cure well before the show. I dont even want to think about trying to courier wet work. I have had friends whom can paint up to the final hour but i think i can do without the stress! Making time around daily life, to finish everything off has been a feat in itself. It has been an exciting journey to share too. Once the dates are set and the printed matter arrives on the doorstep, all the hours spent in the Studio take on a new meaning. This has been one of the real life benefits of putting the Exhibition together. I have felt  a freedom in prioritizing my time to accomodate the needs in the Studio. It has felt less of a guilty pleasure and more of a purpose. I hope to able to continue organising my creativity in this way. It is liberating. I have learnt so many things about myself from making my art. I have had to face fears and conquer doubts, maintain my own discipline and allow spontineity and confidence! It has and hopefully will continue to be a journey of self discovery.

On now with writing the Catalogue.