Last Dance

Tonight, I had one last dance with 2 paintings in the Natural toning. If I haven’t resolved them tonight, I should leave them. They definitely need the remaining 2 weeks to dry!

It is nice to feel the creativite flow  with a paint brush again, as the last couple of weeks have required other types of energy to manage. The ad. has gone in the local paper’s and most of the invitations are out. Edges have been sealed and Catalogue begun. I have already learned so much that will make the process of putting together an Exhibition,  more organised next time, more fluid. I will keep a log of works as I paint, so the Catalogue is a mere translation. I will maintain my Color Chart book. It has been extremely beneficial when working on Multiple Series over a short period of time. 

I look forward to what comes next. I am already ‘itching ‘ to have more painting time in the Studio.