Last night’s painting session was productive, not in volume as much as, reaching an understanding of darkness through the use of Sepia. Such an appealing color, reminiscent of the past and yet calling forth companion colors to the now.I found using the such a dark tonal color brought forth many emotions. It was quite unexpected and not altogether pleasant but I resisted the urge to stop and was duly rewarded!

Sepia was revealing rather than concealing what lay before it on the canvas. What could have been shadows and darkness actually illuminated the energy around it. Perhaps bringing attention to colors that may have otherwise been missed.The darker tones feeling their way to the surface, a birthing, not without some trepidation.

I felt corageous applying what could easily overwhelm an outcome I was already quite happy with. That is the nature of the studio for me. That moment of taking the process one step further, knowing I could lose what is but trusting the guidance that this is the next step even when I am mentally unsure.The Sepia didn’t swallow neighboring color, it allowed a glimmer of light to shine through and promote a deeper engagement and reading of the painting.

I was working on the second Tryptich in the ‘Trees of Brazil Series’. Yet to be numbered as a Message .