In the Studio

Tonight I painted four canvas’ with a base coat of Titanium White and Burnt Umber. It is the beginning of a Diptych in the ‘Trees of Brazil’ Series. This series has really been a freeing up of technique for me. I have let paintings complete at earlier stages than before. I have enjoyed leaving ‘space’ that i could have filled and didn’t! I have been looking at the four paintings of this series that are finished and really appreciating them. It is so wonderful to look at the paintings and see parts that can hold my attention that i didn’t see in the same light when painting.

So many messages come through whilst I am working that each painting ends up holding a story for me. The story of their birth. When they are finished they are the totality of those messages. I love it when a message comes through after the painting is complete.  I suppose you could liken that type of reading to ‘scrying’. As you lend yourself over to just looking, a different sort of thought can enter your mind.

Mine are usually messages about a situation or relationship that is on my mind, or messages for other people regarding their situation or issue at hand. Sometimes these messages are quite poignant and personal. It is often suprising when a message is for someone else and I actually pass it on to find it is quite accurate to them. This is also part of the act of trusting my intuitive guidance in the studio

The choice of colors I am working with at a given time, influence the chain of thought that ensues and once a dialogue is established it guides my application of paint and the technique used. A cyclical journey that starts with paint and ends with paint and teaches me so much in between! 

Looking forward to tomorrow when the base is ’sticky’ dry and I can apply he next layer without it running to fast or losing itself in the blend. Stay tuned!