Mailout day!

Today was the day of the envelope stuffing for the 3,500 on the Chapel off Chapel mailing list! My daughter Chloe came along to help and a couple of friends of Jan’s friends pitched in too! Thank you Leath, Carol and Chloe for giving us your afternoon! Jan and I really appreciate your help. There are quite a few details when putting on an Exhibition that can take a bit of time, quite aside from the painting. It is great when your friends and loved ones get behind you and lend their support. It makes some it much more enjoyable!

It was great to see some familiar faces and catch up with the staff again. They are helpful and easy to work with. Good people!

It was 38 degree’s today (yes, in Spring!) so the Gallery was a fine place to be, with it’s fabulous air conditioning! By the time we had finished it had started to storm and had cooled considerably! That’s Melbourne for you! So, it’s out and tomorrow quite a few people will receive our invitation! Very exciting

Off to finish a few coats of Glaze and play with one last possible inclusion!