Countdown! 4 weeks to go!

As usual, the lead up to an exhibition has it’s moments of chaos and vulnerability. There are decisions to make regarding which work makes it in to the show, which doesn’t and what is still left to be painted! At this point I am happy with the work I have done but still have 4 works in stages of finish that i would like to include. There are paintings leaning against the studio walls in every direction. There is a room dedicated at present to housing the finished works for inclusion in the show, it is a great way to visually take stock of what is going on. Whilst painting I am not so organised and I need to be able to line them up and see them together to really feel the links between what felt at the time of painting, quite a departure from the other work. It is funny when they are all together I can see the familiar techniques running through like a story of their own. I can see how a certain technique may have been further developed than a previous work and where that might lead in experimenting further in the next one. My techniques haven’t changed much but my colors have. There are much brighter color influences this time and it truly reflects my surrounds.

We recently moved house and the garden here welcomed us with a blaze of Spring color. There are over 30 Azalea Bushes and a huge trelis of Jasmine, which were all in full bloom on our arrival. The scent wafted right through the house and studio. I was smitten from the get go. In fact it has been hard to resist the urge to potter in the garden whilst the show is due for completion. I think the color just naturally found it’s way into my paintings.

I have had vulnerable moments as a result of the change though. One gets used to the way people respond to certain styles and it is a little daunting to present something quite different from what has been previously received well. I paint with instint though and my work reveals itself to me as it is made rather than a plan I begin with. There is a lot of trust involved with moving into the unknown. I relish that challenge to open and grow.

I personally love the new colors. Vivid Sapphire, Turqouise and Magenta, Australian Red Gold and Australian Blue Violet all rich in color and vibration. They genuinely make me feel happy looking at them. My kids really responded to these louder, more vibrant colors. I hope my audience enjoys them too.

Each day is spent crossing at least one item off the to do list for the Exhibition and every night is spent with a couple of hours in the studio. Life has begun to take on a balance between family needs, house and garden requirements (more than usual with the move!) and my world of Art. It is an unusual way to organise a day but eveything gets done if I can manage a half hour nana nap in the afternoon! I am lucky that my husband also has after hour work commitments so that we are both being productive in the hours after dinner that I guess would probably be spent relaxing more if we were not so busy! It is hectic at times and we do have to watch that we make time for one another around all of our various commitments but I guess that is the way of the world now. Every body would like a couple of hours extra in a day! I am still coming to turns with the guilt a mother feels when her focus is not solely on her children and husband, but I know that I am setting a great example to my girls regarding woman and work. They also get to see that creativity is viable and in my case neccessary for a well rounded spiritual balance in life. I am a much happier person when I am able to express myself creatively. If there are days when I have a painting block, I find the energy is channelled into cooking or planting the veggie patch, other outlets of creativity. It is always present and needs an outlet. I hope my girls appreciate the need to be true to one’s leaning in life…if you feel good doing it , you are probably doing well and investing in your health and well being as much as your income. Balance…it is all about balance.