Work in progress

Here are the bones going down on a new canvas. I was feeling deKoonings Palette. Let's see where it leads me.


I used a palette of Raw Umber, Titanium White, Cadnium Orange, Veridian Green, Cerulean Blue and Burnt Umber.Each layer's color staying on the brush to mix the next. That way every color has a little bit of the last in it somewhere, making a clean vibrational match.

I love watching 'wet on wet' paint dry and seeing the bleeds and rivulets formed along the path of gravity! You won't recognise this paintinng when it is finished.
I find people are genuinely surpried when they see a painting in it's formative stages and on completion at just how different they can be. Just a hint sometimes peeking from the depths of what came before the top most coats.

A resonance is present even if a visual reference is hard to find.