What next? Collingwood Gallery!

On reading through the Art Almanac, one of my favorite bi-monthlies, I saw as ad for ‘Artists united against the culling of tree’s’. I read on to find Curator, Raffaella Torreson was advertising for a banding together of artists to assist bringing tree’s into social awareness. I like that. If what we are exposed to contributes to who we are and what we do, an exhibition dedicated to environmental awareness has to be a good thing! I rang her and she subsequently sent me the information. I had a painting from the ‘Tree’s in Brazil ‘series that I was pleased to exhibit again and was working on two new paintings inspired by the bush fires in Victoria during February. It felt good to put these 3 works together, especially to honor their inspiration. 

Raffaella was easy to talk to , passionate about what she was doing and the dates worked, (4th-18th April), so I agreed to take part. I am pleased I did!

The venue was ‘Collingwood Gallery’ in Smith Street, Collingwood.

It’s a good size and shape. A large room, with an office built into the middle side of the space hence, there is a shaped wall to ‘play’ with. It wouldn’t have been an easy curate with over 50 artists contributing, but Raffaella did a great job displaying so many styles in harmony! The catalogue was extensive and a selection of contemporary poets, lent their words in compliment on the subject of Tree’s. It all worked really well. The energy at the Gallery was really positive! I can only imagine how many phone calls and how much organisation that meant. Congratulations to Raffaela and thankyou for the opportunity to be part of it.