The themes of each of the 'batches' of Tiny Talisman.

This post was written in Jan 2017 and archived as a draft. I found it today, January 2019.
I’m posting in honor of the project that seems to have a life of it’s own. I have not closed the fb page for this reason.
There may not be many posts but when there are it counts.
I still leave #tinytalisman on my travels but I admit to often forgetting to document. It has become more of a part of my doing than my personal sharing as the project sustains itself. <3

During an interview last week regarding the R-evol-u-tion project, it was brought to my attention by the reporter that it was important to share the story of the themes of each group of Tiny Talisman that have gone out into the community. It hadn't occurred to me previously as it is part of my process and not something i thought would be of interest to anyone else. She begged to differ so I thought I would share with you.

The original 100 Talisman were created with the intention of 'ONE'. That was the theme in my head as I laid down the layers. I painted an abstract self portrait and wrote the word 'ONE' over it. The colors were candy, rainbow colors to signify inclusion of all. Then I added layers of red, white and blue paint. This was to symbolize the America we create together.

Tiny Talisman (100-200)

The second group of Talisman (100-200) begged to be green and blue with hints of orange and yellow. At the time of their creation (Nov) I felt soothing, calming colors were warranted. White was also included in the layering process as white includes all color in it's resonance. The orange and green highlights were symbolic of the spark of spirit. 

Tiny Talisman (200-300)

The next group of 200-250 are earthy tones for grounding. For helping us place our feet firmly on the ground and centering ourselves. There is still much work to be done.

The early stages of the Tiny Talisman (200-250)
Some detail applied to the 200-250 Tiny Talisman

I am now preparing another 'batch' of Talisman to go out into the community. They have begun their life as pastel shades. I am not sure what I will paint next. It is very much an intuitive process at the time of creation.