The Sun is out again...

The Fog lingers, but the Sun is present and warms quickly, the morning.CA Winter!

'Warming morning,         after Fog'

I have been busy in the studio on a daily basis immersed in shades of White. I'm still producing further works within the 'Fog Series'. I am working on a couple of 36" x 48" A couple of new techniques are being incorporated into these paintings. They have elements of the 'Fog series' but are branching out.

'Fog Series' Different stages drying together.

All series are like a 'stretching' to the next.

That's where I see the thread best in my work. When the techniques or palettes change a little and a new direction is born. It is fun to watch.

I am still using a palette knife but also playing with rags right now. Rubbing paint and dabbing, along side troweling with the knife, even finger painting!

'An unintentional theme'

There's a lot of freedom in the act of changing your tools now and again to push you into another way to express.

Naturally, as you use the tool differently, you are automatically 'open' to trying a new way of working. Over time, I have learnt how to trowel a transparent marking over an area as easily as spread a thick one. You do get to know your tools so, by changing it up sometimes, you give yourself a little extra creative license and a little learning room because as nearly all artists will tell you ; "It's often the 'mistakes' that turn out the best!"