It's all peachy....

July is over, which brings an audible "sigh" from me.

It was a big 'push and pull' you month. Lots of unexpected events that took time and time itself seemed to operate on and off, warping at light speed and then feelingl fluid and dense..

My paintings have reflected it back to me. I've moved between thick and sculptural to fine and delicate layering all month., some happening quickly others very slowly.
Various series have popped up for a new work to be made, which resulted in nearly one painting in every series being created at the same time. Insanity!

That is how it goes sometimes.

I paint daily and family life is not 'disrupted' per se by my nightly hours. My husband has similar requirements for his creative work. we enjoy that of each other, but painting for long periods in succession isn't a regular possibility right now. There are too many other things that I do in the daylight hours, to support the evening's creative output, to be done. So it is exciting and unusual.

I'm fortunate this time has been coinciding with the renewal of an exploration in the Ab/Ex field - 'NYSchool painters' in our MoMA Alumni Group. It's inspiring and motivating to share such beauty and discuss techniques. I love exchange, good exchange and I love great art!

I worked hard in the studio and in my personal sphere. Frankly, I have been looking forward to painting without other commitments for some time!
So, here's to experimenting over the next few days before I get ready to have photographs taken of 2015's work update.  I'll post those mid August. Thanks Terry Schmidbauer!