Twitter Exhibit Entry: 'Rebirth'

I have been painting Tiny Talisman for the better part of a year,
The idea was in part dictated by available space and a desire to continue in some way, with the tiles format of paintings fitting in together, parts to the whole. I've held a fascination, since studying Latvian Artist, Immants Tiller in my early painting years for tiles and canvas paper that joins, pages telling a story.
The original idea stemmed from a clients request to have a piece of art she could carry around in her purse for the energy it imbued to travel with her, hence the title Tiny Talisman.

Since making these 2.5" x 3.5" paintings on canvas card, I have explored a number of themes with them. In the process of their completion and during the assemblage of the multi card projects, (the mixed media 10"x8"s of 2016) I have found a renewed sense of play.

At times I painted them into the canvas at other times I removed them leaving a space where they were once. They have become an index of the palettes used in creating my larger works along the way.
They are in progress, all around the studio most of the time. I use paint left on the palette after a studio session and apply a certain stamping to the cards with it. The layers build over weeks and even months until they feels complete.

I mainly print 2.5"x3.5"'s but occasionally will use a larger size of canvas card to begin. This entry to the Twitter Art Exhibit , titled 'Rebirth' is postcard size.

I have entered a couple of Exhibitions with my smaller works in the last month. It's been great to see these little works make a difference somewhere, regardless of size. 

The proceeds of the sale of work in TwitterArtExhibit go to Foster Pride NYC. It's nice to be part of something that can make a difference. :)
There is so much good work to look at or purchase too! 
My painting: 'Rebirth' 2016

Thanks Twitter for organizing the TwitterArtExhibition!