R-evol-u-tion project with my Tiny Talisman.

I have been painting 'Tiny Talisman' for a while now but recently I decided to create them with a special purpose in mind, to leave them for people to randomly find in my neighborhood.
The idea is to think Global and act Local. 

I truly feel it is the small acts of kindness in a day that make it good and after feeling deflated and somewhat confused the past few months I feel this is a proactive, ground roots movement that could just put a smile on people's faces and remind us how very much connected we all are to one another.

On a deeper level as an artist, it is also a way for me to do what I need to express in the world. The energy of my work is what I have to offer the world. I want to give something of myself that can have a positive effect and ripple outward to others. I have felt a little stagnant of late and this idea has given me energy to create with purpose."


Will you join us?


Getting the first 100 Tiny Talisman packaged up to leave for people to find.

Getting the first 100 Tiny Talisman packaged up to leave for people to find.

I have enlisted the help of my local meet up group, 'Spirit Sister' friends to distribute 100 Tiny Talisman created over the past two months, throughout our neighborhood this week.
My hope is that when people come across them on their travels and open the package to find the 'Tiny Talisman' that it makes them feel good and smile.

Science has proven that smiling automatically makes a person feel good as endorphins are released in the body.
I hope this project makes many people smile and a flood of endorphins for all.
It has also been proven that helping others creates a feeling of purpose and wellbeing, so this project has a two fold effect.

The recipients have a choice to keep the Talisman,  but if they decide to keep it, my hope is that they will create something to leave in the same fashion, for someone else to find in 'pay it forward fashion'.
A person who writes might leave a positive quote or a poem, some may draw, paint or even create a collage to share, in fact the possibilities are as endless as the imagination.

Painting is what I have to offer but this project is not restricted to my creative expression. In fact I sincerely hope seed groups begin and others may feel inclined to create multiple items to share themselves. This project could grow itself exponentially as seed groups form.

The next 100 Tiny Talisman to go out in the community.

The next 100 Tiny Talisman to go out in the community.

I would love to see what other people choose to create and leave for another too, so I created a Facebook page called  R-evol-u-tion and Instagram at revolution_artwithheart where a person can leave a comment on where they found the Talisman (not a specific location, more a description such as 'under a tree' or 'on 'a park bench') and perhaps whether they have decided to keep the Talisman or have left it in a new place for someone else to find. I have numbered the cards and would love to be able to observe how far they travel and how many times they are replaced for others. 

There is no obligation to leave a message but wouldn't it be cool to see exactly how far we can pay it forward? 
The ultimate goal is just to spread good feeling and as wide as we possibly can. It's my way of sending love out into the world and I would love it if you would join me.

We can be the change we wish to see.

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