Sitting for a portrait


deb - girl with long neck.
I am pleased to share that friend and fellow artist Jamie Daddo, got a two page write up in the Weekend Section of the Herald Sun newspaper today promoting his most recent Exhibition!His show titled "This is it!" is currently on show at Green-Wood Gallery, 1 Hotham Street, South Melbourne, until Nov 9th. I highly recommend you go see it!

I had the pleasure of sitting for Jamie some months back now, and the portrait has been included in this show. It is titled 'Deb- girl with long neck'! (It was also pictured in the article.)It is a very interesting experience 'sitting' for someone whilst they observe and paint you.I found i felt quite vulnerable, although not in an uncomfortable way, emotions began to surface of their own accord. I found i was sharing with Jamie some of my personal weaknesses. I felt somewhat transparent. It was a welcome feeling. We spend so much of life wearing whatever 'face' a situation requires that it was refreshing to 'sit' and 'be' while he made of me what he saw.I like the painting very much. It has a softness to it i didnt expect.Thank you Jamie for 'seeing' that part of me and translating it so beautifully in paint!There is a trust that enters into the relationship between an artist and their subject. One's ego is dissolved and a truer sense of who you are emerges. You are not in charge of what the artist 'sees' or how he interprets what you have given him. It is a bonding moment of frienship. A sense of surrender. I welcome the experience and will happily 'sit' for him again.It is a beautiful thing to see the artist at work. A certain energy flows that you mightn't get to see in another situation. The intensity of their gaze and the 'zone' they slip in and out of as they interpret what they see.I thought it would be more mathmatical than spiritual. I was wrong.Anyway, Jamie, I wish you the very best and look forward to your next body of work!