She is transformed!

I finally took the plunge and worked on a painting on canvas with the same intention as I undertake a journal spread. 

She is transformed.

I painted an abstract piece I liked very much but decided to push it further and consider it a sacrificial piece in order to satisfy the process.
Our theme for November was fire. 
I painted her, I cut her up, I sewed her back together with thread and finally set her alight.
She lives. She is transformed.
Destruction is an interesting process in itself. When you put aside the judgement of 'breaking' something, or the idea of loss in regard to what you already had created, it allows you to let go of a desired outcome in powerful way.
I often sacrifice what I have created for the pleasure of pushing further to see what comes next (as I am sure I have covered in previous posts regarding the multiple 'stopping points' an artwork has along the way of it's making) but the idea of incorporating scissors, thread and fire was new.
I wonder if I will be cutting up and burning older works I have stored in the studio now? It is somewhat addicting! 
I too feel transformed.