Pantone: Colors of the year - Rose Quartz and Tranquility.

Pantone has chosen Rose Quartz and a pale blue they call Tranquility as the colors of 2016!
This is the first time they have named two colors together.
I like the idea it reflects a balancing of masculine and feminine energies. I believe/hope that is indicative of what is happening in the world. Less of a separation between the sexes and a balancing of two equally essential parts to the whole that we are.
I have noticed over the years, the colors Pantone choose each year have usually been factoring in my work for the 6 months or so previous. It happened with Marsala in 2015 ( also in the Fog Series) and Radiant Orchid in 2014. In 2009 I showed a series at 'Chapel of Chapel Gallery' in Melbourne , Australia which consisted of Turquoise and Magenta predominantly. Turquoise was the Pantone color in 2010!
It makes me ponder the universal nature of energy and thought. These attractions floating around and people the world over picking up on the same frequencies. I love it.
My 'Fog Series' definitely resonate with their color chart for this year. 
I am not sure if I will continue this palette as I am guided intuitively and do not plan in advance but it will be interesting to see if I use new colors and whether or not they become the Pantone colors for 2017!

I love Rose Quartz and the energetic message from it. It is definitely a good choice not only for artists, designers and those in fashion but as an emotional yardstick for the year ahead.
Below is a link to the qualities imbued in the Rose Quartz crystal.
I hope this IS the color of the year...we need it!

I collect Crystals and enjoy them in my work and living space. I like their beauty and their frequencies. Here's a photo of my rose Quartz. There is an indentation that fits my hand when placed upon it perfectly! It feels soothing to hold.

Here's "Cheers" to more mindfulness and compassion, self love and integration of yin and yang for us all!