Resolve; not to let the heat beat me!

Here in Dallas we are in our seventh week of 100F (37C) plus consecutively! It has reached 108F on a number of those day! I am slowly aclimatizing but my materials are not. I am having to learn how to paint in a slightly different manner in order to accomadte oil paint that is drying on the palette before I get to use it!  In Melbourne I could leave my paint and glaze mix out over night, even during Summer, and for the most part it would still be viscous I the morning to resume where I had left off.

I have found with an electric fan and a spray bottle of water, I can manage an hour or two of painting. So, progress is a little slower than I would have liked but I feel it is an accomplishment getting out there in the hot shed/studio at all!

Here are some pictures of the paintings I have been working on the past month.

The palette has been consistant for the past 6 or so paintings and the idea of text without the confines of words, still coming through with the heiroglyphical gestures. They allude to conversation but do not limit what that conversation can be for the viewer. The movement involved in producing them is an automatic gesture from the wrist that I truly enjoy. Hope you like them. 

The first is Titled: 'Homage to DeKooning'

It is an Oil and Glaze on canvas.

Dimensions: W:24" X H:36"




The second is Titled: 'They speak if we listen'

It is Oil and Glaze on Canvas.

Dimensions: W: 39.5" X H: 29.5"