Passion shared.

I have been extra busy with painting and other art related activities lately.I had the joy of attending the San Francisco ArtMarket event this past weekend and meeting up with two fellow Alumni from MoMA courses we studied together online. It is the first time we have met in person!

Meeting up with fellow artists Starr Davis and Lisa Omerod- at the SFO ArtMarket 2015
Meeting up with fellow artists Starr Davis and Lisa Omerod- at the SFO ArtMarket 2015

So much fun and hopefully the first of more outings together. It is wonderful to share a passion with friends. You speak the same language and understand the joys and the frustrations shared, providing new vantage points to look at something and discussing idea's on how to express the meaning behind a work, it is inspiring! So was the diversity of work on display at the show. There was definitely something for everyone!

This month, I've been sorting out work for a catalogue to launch new series along with my updated site. Of course, it has taken longer than i thought but I am doing a little bit every day. It is a lengthy process and I can't wait to finish and get it printed and distributed.

It's enlightening to see the work laid out in series and the story of each make sense in relation to the one that came before it. Works have a natural progression born from instinct, but with clear threads to each other that are made more visible with hindsight. Paintings have leapt to new stages quickly in the studio and I have run with it, preparing  more canvas and letting it flow. Old techniques mingling in new ways telling me the discovery isn't over yet, there is always more to learn and I can feel my audience widen along with more experimentation inside of my work. I have professional photographs and details  of '2014-15 new works' to share very soon, which is meanwhile growing with each painting that is eager to emerge. So, much to do but it feels like play time! Back to the studio for now....