Out and about in Dallas!

We have been making the most of our weekend’s to take in some Dallas Art Culture! This weekend we went to ‘The Dallas Flea’. A well run flea market, housing designer stalls selling everything from jewellery and designer tee’s to Artist’s showcasing their work. The mood was set by a trio, performing songs from the CD they were selling, live and if that made you hungry, there was a stall selling freshly baked cupcakes of the highest quality. We tried the Double Chocolate and Red Velvet, they were divine! The market was a surprise in terms of quality. We sourced some fabulous Christmas presents from some cottage industry designers and there was a good mix of goods on offer. Not too repetitive, as some market places can be. It looked as though it was well run.

We met artist Bill Gerton who had some very energetic paintings on display. Vibrant color, thrown onto canvas in much the same way as Jackson Pollock did back in the 1950′s. We struck up conversation as people whom share a passion often do, exchanging techniques and preferences for working before we got to exchanging names! It was a real buzz to speak with someone about painting as it has been a while since I have been in the company of another artist!

I do miss being able to pop over to a friends studio for inspirational banter and to encourage one another. I thank god for the internet and how easy the web has made it to stay in touch, whether through email, social networks or skype. Bill and I exchanged cards and I will follow up on his offer to direct me to where I may source materials.

It has been most difficult asking directions from people who don’t have much exposure to the art world. I have been sent by well meaning individuals to places that sell craft making assemblage and the like. All very good if you are looking to make your own Christmas decorations or perhaps even start up with scrap booking but not quite where you can source large stretches, free flowing canvas and discounted volumes of paint supplies!!!! Buying Gesso by the 250ml tub is hugely expensive compared to buying a 4ltr drum! I look forward to the wealth of inside information he may have for me! I look forward to also sharing studio visits with a new friend once I get my studio up and running.

Our shipping container is due some time this week, hopefully! I can’t express how excited we are to be getting our things, especially for me to be able to get my studio up and running again! It is one thing to be without your bits and pieces and even the things you love but to be without your tools is enough to drive any person who needs to create mad! Needless to say, there have probably been a few days when the family wished I had my tools too, just so I could express myself and release. I admit, I am probably a fairly complex person at times!

After our adventure at ‘The Dallas Flea’, we drove a few minutes around the corner and were at Dallas Contemporary Art Space. A beautiful warehouse building dedicated to showcasing some edgy, progressive, modern art!


For those of you who would like a look first hand. At present they are showing Gabriel Dawe’s: Plexus no.4. An incredible hand strung installation piece. It is beautiful and a delight to walk through, engaging in the various planes that reveal themselves between the layers of the strings as you travel the piece. The strings are vibrantly coloured which adds another dimension to the work as well, although I can imagine it would work very nicely in one colour as well. For those of you in Dallas, it has been extended for viewing until January 23rd 2011.


Dallas Contemporary is located at 161 Glass Street at Riverfront, Dallas. I suggest going to see it in person for it’s full impact!

The building itself is in the process of a major upgrade to Museum status, which I believe is reflected in the quality of art we saw on our visit! Memberships are available. That is a fabulous way to support such venues, which supports the Arts as a whole, not to mention you can take advantage of members only deals and previews, artist talks and so on. I intend to do just that!

Well, for now it is off to play with the last two small canvas’s I bought to tide me over until the container arrives. I have finished a painting in blue and one in orange and red. I really like them although, I do miss a larger size canvas to work on. It is an entirely different experience! I am grateful for having something to play with but it has made me aware of the restraint when working on a smaller scale. I like large sweeping gestures. I like the way they look and I like the way they feel….