'New Beginnings' Exhibition. Manhattan Arts International

I am thrilled to have 'Spring in Fog III' from the Triptych, 'Spring in Fog' - 'Fog Series'  2015 included in the Manhattan Arts International Exhibition titled 'New Beginnings'

The theme fitted my series very well as it was a new series, in a new place of residence, in a new state and a new country!
(Well, I guess after 5 years in the States, I can't really call it a new country anymore, but California is vastly different from Texas, so it still feels very new!)

Here is the link to the page on the Exhibition.

Winter of 2014: New Beginnings. We had just moved to the Bay Area, thus my first experience of fog. I went within, painting only for myself and the release it provided. I regained an innocence. Using muted color in veils, scraping, layering, revealing and concealing, much the way fog does.  

Spring Fog I, oil and pastel on canvas, 32" x 40"

Spring Fog II, oil and pastel on canvas, 32" x 40"

Spring Fog III, oil and pastel on canvas, 32" x 40"

Thanks to Renee Phillips from Manhattan Arts International for the great opportunity to show with a fine calibre of artists!