My long awaited Sepia arrived today. Ironic with all this White going on!


 (Just a little play with the Sepia)


Officially tonight, I painted White as a background,
Mixing White and Medium straight on the raw canvas. It looked so clean.
Overnight, some pools have dripped causing the cross over of the ground and the foreground, creating a new depth.
As the White, blends over the exsisting color, it becomes apparent itself. In the foreground. 
Another of the sculptural canvas' is still having additional layers.
It sheds old skin and then grows something new. Back and Forth. It is fun and again I am not sure if I should go light or dark for the next layer.

Having said that, My Sepia arrived.
I ordered Sepia recently and it arrived this week. Ironic as I have been so into my White, a little box of Sepia was teasing! 
Sepia feels ritualistic. It seems such a dark color and yet when it is mixed with oil or glaze, it has different effect. It's very darkness allowing some kind of transparency. At the same time if you use more pigment, it goes on like a covering, only holding the vibration of what lies beneath it, not sharing any direct view. 

Seems we may be experiencing the Yin and Yan of it after all!


'The Tree's of Brazil' from 2009.
My first experience with Sepia.