MoMA Summer Courses...

MoMA have opened registration for their Summer Courses.

Check out the link for an array of fabulous offerings from MoMA. I can highly recommend the online learning.

I had my reservations before commencing 'Techniques of Post War Painting' wondering how one could possibly learn about art techniques on line, but it well surpassed my expectations and I can vouch a number of fellow students were also surprised at how effective it was. I am not technically minded at all, but managed to navigate my way around. The hardest part for me, was learning to load photographs and really after the second week I had that worked out!

We had a detailed Art History lesson on the artist studied each week, a MoMA Gallery tour of the artist's work with a 'visual unwinding' of the techniques applied, a Studio Tutorial and then discussion with the tutor (Corey D'Augustine) and fellow students to share what we were experiencing in our own homework assignments.

It was a highly motivating course and the 'Haiku' system of online learning was adept. Some glitches were experienced early on in the program due to the newness of it, but they were ironed out on a report in basis. MoMA were more  than happy to receive feedback on how the system was working so as to address any issues to make it easier for the students to navigate.

Area's were assigned for conversations relevant to the discussion question of the week, the studio forum and also a private area for student conversation. I must say sometimes the conversation in the student contact area (known as 'The Cedar Bar') was so prevalent, it was a full time job keeping up. This is testament for the enthusiasm of the students and the support received from each other for various issues that arose in the experimentation of the techniques we were learning and the new mastering of materials. There was a lot of laughter and maybe a few tears!

I will participate in another online course with MoMA in the near future, as my personal art practice has most definitely matured through this study program.  I have also made a fabulous group of like minded, passionate, creative friends from being part of this program. We are all staying in touch to further support one another and MoMA has a dedicated Alumni program to help us do this. If I lived in NYC, I would dearly love to attend a studio class. I am sure it is every bit as rewarding.

I had the joy of visiting NYC last month and visiting MoMA a couple of times during our short stay. It is an amazing Museum, beautiful in itself with a collection of Art work that covers most of Art History. I was in awe. It was a privilege to be able to study through their education program. I think it is the best investment I have made for myself and my Arts practice since beginning my journey in Art a decade ago!

I could go on but enough said, check out the programs for yourself!