Lakewood Home Tour Auction donation painting

I thought I would share with you the painting I have donated to the 'Lakewood Home Tour Auction'. I hope it sells along with the many other items on Auction and makes some money for our schools!

So many people have worked hard to make this weekend a fabulous weekend of entertainment and fundraising. There are many parents whom have volunteered their time and worked tirelessly in organizing the many things that go into a production of this kind. It takes nearly 500 volunteers to make it happen.

There are people to staff the Gala evening, tour guides for each home on the home tour, people who set up and break down and man the art/craft market event over the weekend and they are just some of the visable roles. There are a number of parents who have co-ordinated all the details behind the scenes.

My hat goes off to them, running errands all week from picking up the right paper to print catalogues, printing name plates for Auction pieces, even spot lighting for all the children's artwork to be seen in the best light , no pun intended!  

If I start naming names I would be sure to miss some there are so many, but know I thank you, as does everyone involved with the schools. Here's "Cheers" to a great success!

Here is my painting. Titled 'Solace'