Kindergarten Annual Art Show

Today I am choosing 3 paintings to take into my daughter's Kindergarten for their annual Art Show tomorrow night. They have kindly invited me to show some of my work alongside of the childrens to add another dimension to what they have been doing in the class room and show the children that creativity is open to all ages. It shows them it doesn't have to be a hobby past time, it can be a commercial reality also. It is a great night where the Kindergaten Teachers set up the classroom as a Gallery for the night. They have supervised and helped the children in making Art for the event throughout the term and laminate each child's chosen piece.

Parents can then (for a very nominal fee) buy their childs Art work, as one would at a commecial Gallery and the proceed's go back into the Art Department to further enrich the programme.

The idea behind having a local artist showcase along with the children, is to help give them a sense of being part of a show that extends beyond their classroom activity. A community event. The children get very excited to see a SOLD sticker go on their work throughout the night. They are quite proud of themselves. It sends a great message to them regarding creativity and personal accomplishment.

It is one of the many creative and inspring events the Kinder put on through the year to foster the children's sense of group participation and personal achievement.  Not to mention excersising their creative talents! In fact, what really shines through on the night, is just how free the children are in their expression. They have not succumbed to 'rules' of the right and wrong way to interpret something. Their abilities vary as much as their techniques but they all feel very much a part of the creative process and engage wholeheartedly. They have no shame or fear of how others will view their work, they just make it!

This is a very valuable lesson for all of us adults, whom may have experienced more of the weathering effects of judgement over time. We can call on their enthusiasm and freedom to explore the new when feeling 'blocks' to our own creativity. The innocent approach of a child is a god given gift to creating. I feel inspired by their work. The direct nature of their mark making and compostion. They do not feel the pressure to fill in every part of their canvas or the need to re-evaluate and change what has come out of their direct flow of creating, their fun!

Thank you to the Kindergaten for inviting me to showcase some of my work alongside of the children's work. It is a great privilage. Thank you to the Staff for creating such an event where the children can come together with their parents and feel the collective pride in who they are and what they do!