Giving...keeps on giving...

I write today so fulfilled with the R-evol-u-tion project and it has not yet been a week. It really has restored my faith that people want to be involved in positive action.

Just the idea of leaving a Tiny Talisman for someone to randomly find seems to put a smile on peoples faces! Actually going out and leaving them around town had my friend and I grinning all afternoon. We felt like a kids in on a secret, it's exciting!

Pineapple love

I happened to see a woman walking down the street where I had hung a couple of Tiny Talisman earlier, I was actually waiting to pick up my child from school. She walked past the first one after spotting it but then on spotting a second a block further, must have realized the first was not something left for someone who may had dropped it. She retrieved it from the bush and popped it in her bag to open later. It is so fascinating to see different psychology at work. It never occurred to me people would not stop and pick them up but in hindsight it makes sense. People don't really want to do the wrong thing and pick up something that is not theirs. I hope she enjoyed opening it when she could.

Left on a bush for someone to find.

I've opened social media pages (fb: #R-evol-u-tion and Instagram #revolution_artwithheart) for people to share their experience with this project whether it be the making, the leaving or the finding of the Tiny Talisman. I have found the members who have joined the pages are as interested in seeing the pics people post as they are in the activity...seems this giving has many layers of joy. 

Thankfully, people are sharing too as the project only grows along with those who get on board. It may have initially started with the 200 Tiny Talisman I have made but many have pledged to create and share themselves.
This is where I think it will get really exciting. We'll be able to see what different people create and hopefully some of the finders will start checking in. Of course if they don't it doesn't mean the project isn't working to make people smile, they may be social media shy or not have time or access but ultimately the idea of following the journey of the Talisman is secondary but it does add another layer of community to the project.

Removing the envelope makes for better transparency

I am truly grateful for the friends whom have helped deliver the original Talisman to area's further than I would travel on my own. It has made it so easy to get them out into the world. It takes a village. Feedback has helped me decide to remove the envelope the original Tiny Talisman were packaged in. I hope it makes the card more visible and the intent more obvious.

This is just the beginning....the Love Revolution continues...A BIG thank you to everyone for helping spread love and goodwill in our communities!